Model Community Association
 MCA cultivates and facilitates People-to-People (P2P) relationships that build Trust.  Where there is a lack of Trust one finds controversy, inequity, resource destruction, and overall higher costs.  Our Association establishes a framework wherein Trust is built by incubating and promoting self-organizing, collaboratively governed arrangements that equitably share responsibilities and resources. 
Within these Circles of Trust, a foundation for true equity is created, resources are conserved, people feel connected with each other and their communities, while overall costs are reduced.  Levels of Association are in place to identify a person's relationship to the organization.  A customized toolset is used to facilitate collaborative decision-making activities.

MCA is...

A means to connect autonomous, equitable, collaborative and shareable arrangements of any style and in any location.  We offer a first-hand means by which entities exchange information and resources while building trust that is grounded in first-hand experiences.  

Mission Statement

Model Communities Association (MCA) cultivates, fosters and facilitates equitable, shareable, collaboratively governed arrangements, studying their economic and social impact.  

Vision Statement

We envision enlightened individuals living in conscious, independent, happy and healthy communities, exchanging resources within an optimized economic structure that addresses all the needs of those inhabiting this vibrant, diverse planet so that ample resources will be available to sustain current and future generations.   

Participation & Collaboration

MCA hopes to foster and facilitate arrangements that involve participation and collaboration. Using the MCA Theory, we intend to study how such arrangements impact all of us economically and societally.

The benefits of self-governance.

The organization formed is a Circle of Trust made up of individuals with shared intents and purposes.

Creating relationships and equitable exchanges

There are many members of society, living in our communities, who have the desire to live their lives more fully, to connect with others who have similar...

Empower collective experiences.

The standards and guidelines that become effective in the Model Community environment can be a stepping stone for similar endeavors.


Members Dashboard

An informative dashboard area that offers easy access for users to utilize all the tools in the toolset.

News & Alert

An informative dashboard area that offers easy access for users to utilize all the tools in the toolset.

Interactive Meeting Tool

A unique virtual collaborative meeting tool allowing Circle Members to set agendas, record meeting results, distribute, archive meeting results, and more!

Collaborative Consent Tool

This handy tool offers the ability for a group to discuss and consent (or refrain from consenting) online to a proposal, with results securely distributed and archived.