Model Community Association

25 N Liberty Overnight Guest Occupancy Agreement and Sign-In Form

Welcome, Overnight Guest!!!

We are so happy that you have chosen to stay with us!!!

MCA expands its network of trust through experiences initially shared with individuals that we call an "Overnight Guest."  We use Airbnb's services for bookings because we have not yet had a chance to establish Trust between us.

You may decide, as a result of the Trust created during this or future stays, to petition us to become an "Occasional Associate."  You may even be inspired to start your own Circle, sharing resources and responsibilities with other MCA Associates.  

We are all about Trust and the societal changes that can result from building Trust during people-to-people exchanges when resources, responsibilities and decision-making are shared. 

Along those lines, we are happy to share the resources of this property with you during your stay with us. At this time you agree to:

  1. Take ownership of my private space leaving the room as it was found by making the bed with fresh sheets and cleaning the room and bathroom (unless arrangements are made with an MCA Associate to complete this task for you).
  2. Share resources found, in the kitchen and making sure that I clean up after myself, composting and recycling when I can..
  3. Respect the space and autonomy of Residents and other Overnight Guests.