Model Community Association

Owner's Property Sharing Intent Form

Property Sharing Intent Form

This form establishes a new living arrangement Circle, It offers the individual(s) owning the property to outline how they intend to share the property.  This information will become a component of the agreement to be made with other MCA Associates who share the resources being offered.

Each individual participating in a MCA arrangement agrees to the intent established within this document.  This becomes a part of agreements made by all parties.


Please enter the total number of current occupant types:

Enter a zero where there are none.

Please enter your ideal number of occupant types:

For example Rooms, Bathroom, Private Space, Outdoor Space, Other. Please include sizes or any other pertinent information.

If you decide to work within our not-for-profit structure we will work out the details of our financial agreement within a separate, signed document.

Please be as specific as possible.

We suggest that you collaborate with other associates when considering your response.

We will assist you in ensuring that these devices are installed and operating effectively.

Give us your description of why you feel that you are offering an equitable arrangement.