Model Community Association

Occasional Associate Petition

We welcome your interest in joining our Association!

By petitioning to become an MCA Associate you are agreeing to adopt our Creed as written below.  See the HOW TO PARTICIPATE tab of our website to gain an understanding of our new Associate process.

In order to fully understand how we are organized, as an unincorporated association, we suggest that you take the time to read the following:

Model Communities’ Associate Creed

Model Communities’ Associates agree to function autonomously as part of a living organism. As such, I recognize that my actions and conduct impact the lives of those around me and the community at large.  By adopting the standards outlined below, I am contributing to a harmonious and peaceful environment in which my exchanges are fair and conscionable:

      • Respect for people and resources, as displayed by:
        • Bringing no damage to the property of others or to my accommodation;
        • Being aware of privacy needs of others;
        • Embracing, accepting, respecting and valuing others’ uniqueness as well as my own;
        • Refraining from exhibiting behavior that others may find offensive or uncomfortable;
        • Giving consideration to the comfort and enjoyment for all.
      • Participatory Contribution, as evidenced by:
        • Doing for myself when possible (self-reliance);
        • Asking for assistance when necessary;
        • Using my good judgment when deciding between the two;
        • Taking into consideration any advice offered;
        • Leaving spaces as good as or better than they were found.
      • Coordination and Collaboration, as evidenced by:
        • Entering exchanges with the intention to contribute according to my talents and resources and expecting a benefit that is in alignment with my efforts;
        • Contributing in mind, body and spirit to a healthy, vibrant, harmonious living environment;
        • Valuing the contributory efforts extended by others;
        • Contributing to the ongoing vitality of my community;
        • Lovingly embracing the experience of gifting as well as receiving;
        • Participate in collaborative decision-making activities and meetings;
      • Communicate effectively by:
        • Presenting, assuming and exchanging with good intentions;
        • Adopting an approach of empathy and understanding;
        • Suggesting means to resolution when presenting issues;
        • Being open and receptive to constructive critical feedback;
        • Analyzing my communication style and the effect that it has on others;
        • Pursuing balanced communications that consider the universal need for contribution and recognition;
        • Seeking an outcome that is fair, amicable and balanced when addressing differences in opinions or beliefs;
        • Attempting to resolve misunderstandings on a personal level before exposing them to others;
        • Accept the guidance offered by others when experiencing interpersonal issues;
        • Stay aware of my connection to the broader community.

MCA grounds its perspective on the Yogic Yamas summarized as:

Ahimsa, the practice of non-violence, including physical, mental, and emotional non-violence toward others and the self.

Satya, truthfulness, urges us to live and speak our truth at all times.

Asteya, non-stealing, reminds us not to take that which is not freely given.

Brahmacharya, continence, states that when we have control over our physical impulses of excess, we attain knowledge, vigor, and increased energy.

Aparigraha, non-coveting, involves letting go of everything that we do not need, possessing only as much as necessary.

When we practice the Yamas we are striving toward living a more wholesome and peaceful life.  We strengthen our powers of awareness, will and discernment. Engaging in these practices fortifies our character and improves our relationships with others.