Model Community Association

Occasional Associate Petition

We welcome your interest in joining our Association!

Thank you for your interest in joining MCA as an Occasional Associate. 

Please take a few minutes to be sure that you are familiar with the association's intent and structure by reviewing these documents:

By connecting with us a Occasional you open the door to new and exciting exchanges with our trusted associates. Your request to join us is grounded on the trust we place in your sponsoring Associate(s). The experiences that you have with our associates reflect on your sponsor and the members of that person's circle which must consent to your joining, something to keep in mind as you make agreements with other trusted associates. 

Upon completing this application it will be forwarded to an Administrator who will create an account for you in our toolset and send you a user name and password to use to access the system. From there you will be able to access the Shareables page of the website where you can search for things being shared by others, or post your own shareable. Should you ever require assistance you can reach an administrator by emailing

We ask for a donation of $30 from new members in order to cover setup costs for which our Service Providers are compensated. Additional donations are welcomed and will be set aside to fund the development of Tokens of Appreciation that comprise ones Trust Profile, a digital representation of the trusting experiences that associates develop through shared experiences and exchanges. We are steadfast in our mission to encourage and reward actions that build trust; these tools are considered to be critical to achieving this goal.

Welcome, we are excited to have you join us in our collective journey!

Ask your sponsor to provide the name of the circle that is sponsoring you to join this association.