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Form Your Own Model Community

Model Communities Association delivers a means to connect autonomous, equitable, collaborative, and shareable arrangements of any style and in any location.  This model allows entities to exchange information and resources while building trust grounded in first-hand experiences.

Create an Association as opposed to a more traditional legal structure. Did you know it’s possible to form organizations that are not incorporated? We promote the use of these associations instead of the more common legal entities because they encourage equitable, collaborative, and shared arrangements.

Our Collaborative Governance Toolset supports your community in maintaining your collaborative arrangement. By using the tools and structure we’ve outlined on this site, you empower your group to embrace a way of sharing based on trust and collaboration.

Our Experienced Facilitators offer advice regarding the structure, toolset, and potentials as you adopt collaborative decision-making for your:

  • Affordable Housing Solution
  • Business
  • Shared Property
  • Or any group involving multiple invested stakeholders

Wondering how this all works in real life? Visit our apartment building community and see MCA in action.

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